Tuesday, January 27, 2009

who knew?

In the past couple of weeks I have learned a few new things, that I would like to share...

1. Berries, fruits, vegetables, and granola are all very good for your body. I know, SHOCKER!!!
As I was checking out of the grocery store the other day the very helpful checker, Sonya was very impressed with my choice of groceries. She was amazed that although I had not seen the Oprah all about "how berries are real good for your body cause they have those oxi-anti things, and granola has lots of fibers that help with somethin, maybe cholesterol or somethin" (and yes that is a direct quote) I still chose to buy them.
2. The ShamWOW truly is amazing
For date night last week, Tif, Christy and I tested out the shamWOW. We have been very interested in the ShamWow for quite some time now, and I was given one last week as somewhat of a parting gift. (HA HA) So we decided that we needed to test it out and determine if the ShamWow really was the amazing absorber we had observed on the infomercial. AND IT IS! We actually made our own infomercial, which I will maybe upload at some point. We don't have the cool microphone that the guy on the infomercial has, so it's not quite complete. But moral of the story is that we sopped up an entire pie tin full of water, and it didn't even drip. We also poured cola, and red crystal light on white carpet and it soaked it right up, even got the underneath part dry just like the infomercial! The only thing it didn't come through on was drying a sweater, though I will say it did get it significantly drier. All in all, the shamWOW gets my vote of approval!
3. Chia seeds will grow anywhere
Last weeks date night turned into somewhat of a science fair. I received a chia head, for Christmas, (from the same person who gave me the shamWOW) and hadn't yet planted it. Christy being the resident Chia expert (apparently she had a whole chia garden at one point in her life... AMAZING) helped Tif and I plant it on Tuesday. Well, we still had the piece of carpet left over from the shamWOW experiment, so we decided to plant the carpet with some chia seeds as well just to see what would happen. And let me be the first to warn you, if you are ever planting a chia head, DON'T DROP THE SEEDS! I now not only have a fully bloomed chia head on my counter, I also have a square of chia carpet... GROSS!

In other news...

I have found the solution to my need to eat oatmeal. As you all know, I just can't get the stuff down. What I have never had a problem getting down, on the other hand, are COOKIES! And now Quaker has solved all of my problems, by creating their very own breakfast cookie! It is chock full of oatmeal, AND it has chocolate chips. You can put it in the microwave for a just out of the oven taste. I'm sure it's not quite the same as a bowl of oatmeal, but it's close and only two points on WW if you're counting. Cookies for breakfast... my mom would be so proud!


Aaron and Chels Allred said...

ok 1.i can totally hear your mom saying those exact words in her cute little canadian accent. haha
2. sham wow? really melinda? i have a whole box of sham wow i will give to you because i think its bull crap!
3. oatmeal cookies that are GOOD FOR YOU? im IN

The Black Widow said...

People may doubt the ShamWOW, but I am a believer! I saw with my own eyes. It is magical!

Alexis said...

So, Gabe and I were inspired by your Biggest Loser competition and we are having our own little Biggest Loser: Middleton.

I have had a lot of similar grocery check-out experiences. Like I bought some wrap/tortilla things, and the lady had to tell me all about how they were featured on Oprah and blah blah blah. It almost made me not want to buy them. Almost.

KIRI said...

Im a shamWOW believer myself and not only that but i did see that they now sell them at your local WALMART. How amazing is that?