Saturday, May 8, 2010

All these things that I've done...

I am feeling so blessed in my life right now, there are just so many good things going on, so I thought I would share!

First an update on the fam:

1. My baby brother is getting married on June 26th to an awesome girl named Julie that we can't wait to have as part of the family! AND he just found out that he won a full ride scholarship because his grades are off the hook!! Brains and Brawn... Julie is so lucky!

2. My other little brother just graduated with his masters in accounting, and his wife finished her associates! Happy graduation to them!! Tyrel got a job in Vegas, with a big accounting firm which means they are moving HERE!!! Now they just need to get busy making me an aunt and life will really be complete. (I'm going to be an awesome aunt)

3. Since I'm talking about the fam I have to brag about my sisters. Jess is tearing it up on the volleyball court! She is a tall gorgeous blond that only cares about getting to college on a volleyball scholarship and I love it. Kami is in aestitician school and LOVING it. It's so fun to see her excelling at school. And she's really good! She even got Brandon in there for some waxing!! And he's already wanting to go back!

In other news:
Things at the salon are soooo good right now. I've been working with an assistant Leah, and she is fabulous!! She makes my life so much easier, and I can book more clients, which means I am getting busier. My clients love her! Though I'm a little worried about what I'm going to do when she leaves me to work on her own!!

Also my awesome photographer friend Christy of has been taking some amazing pics of my clients for an online portfolio, and of me, for some advertising and things I have in the works. She even made me look cool!
AND!!! I just booked a trip to New York to go to the REDKEN exchange! I'm going to take a 9 1/2 hour, 3 part test to become a certified Redken colorist. This means lots of studying and practicing in my near future, but I am so excited! All of my color specialist classes better pay off! Passing this test can open up even more opportunities, and I can't wait!
So yeah, pretty much my life is awesome... JEALOUS?