Monday, December 22, 2008

CSI addiction

Have you ever noticed that at any time of the day you can find CSI on at least one chanel? I think I'm addicted, it's pretty much all I watch these days. I think it might be making me smarter. I feel as though I might be able to solve a murder mystery, so if anyone needs help, you know where to find me.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Back By Popular Demand

Due to the recent interest a few people have suddenly taken in my life, I am back to blogging. To save all of those less interested people time and eye fatigue, I will keep this brief, here are just a few highlights of the last 6 months...

-I turned 25

-I spent a week in DC with my family

-I saw these guys twice

yes, twice, once in Vegas, second time in Salt Lake
TOTALLY worth the15 year wait!!

-I signed up for this race

but didn't actually run it

-I did some styling for a hard core roller derby chick

-I dressed up like this for Halloween

that's right I worked a whole day in that get up,
too bad the shoes don't show!

-I played in fake snow with my sisters

-I celebrated a 6 month anniversary with this guy.

Yep six blissful months.

-And got into a committed relationship with these two lovely ladies

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We Made It!!

I went this weekend and ran the Ragnar Wasatch back relay with this awesome group of people. We had a blast, it was definitely challenging, but I have to say we rocked it! We ran from Logan to Park City in 30 hours, 53 minutes and 46 seconds. Which was nothing compared to the BYU team that finished in 17 hours averaging a 5:15 min/mile, but we were still 6 or 7 hours ahead of other teams. This race was seriously a blast. Being stuck in a car with 4 sweaty boys for 30 hours, sleeping, eating and just existing in the van was quite the experience. And there were some definite lows and highs. Our car broke down, and we almost missed dropping Jason off at his exchange because we were flagging down a car to give us a jump start. We also lost Josh for a bit when he took a 2 1/2 mile detour in the wrong direction. Maria got stung by four bees, and it was so hot they measured the heat coming off the pavement at 128 degrees. But everyone showed so much heart and we finished!
Even though I was seriously trying to think of a way to get out of the race, and really didn't want to go, I'm so glad I ended up doing it, and am definitely in for next year! Now I just have to get training for the next race... St. George Marathon here I come!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Wasatch Back

Sometimes I do dumb things. Like signing up to run a 178 mile relay. I want to be a runner, but I don't know that I actually am a runner. I started out training and eating right. Running hills and everything. And then life got crazy. Somehow adding just one more person to your life seems to throw everything off track. I had this amazing schedule that I was keeping, and now it's all late nights and eating like crap, waking up too late to go to the gym, it's ridiculous. And I'm going to pay dearly for it. Somehow the four months I had to train for this run turned into four days, so hopefully I don't die, because really I'm liking what is going on in my life right now.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I hate oatmeal

Anyone that knows me remotely well, knows that I am a texture freak. I can't eat anything with strange textures. Specifically the slightly gooey/chunky texture. You know what I mean where it kind of feels like it's already been slightly chewed. For example tapioca pudding, or cottage cheese. Or for anyone that has ever tried Polenta, you know what I'm talking about. Well about a month ago I decided that even though I have spent my whole life avoiding oatmeal, I was going to start eating it. I figured that the benefits of oatmeal outweighed, the whole nasty texture thing. So I bought my first box of instant oatmeal, quaker oatmeal, cinnammon roll flavored. Sounds tasty, right? Well it's not the taste that makes me hate it, I don't know what to do with it when it is in my mouth... I made my first bowl and I didn't know if i should chew or just swallow, or what. I tried chewing, it made me gag, and so I just kind of let it sit in my mouth. Then I started just swallowing it, but that didn't seem right either, so I gave up after about half the bowl. The next day I consulted a few oatmeal eaters on the proper way to eat the stuff, I got a few suggestions like to not cook it as long as the package says, and to add raisins or something chewy so you have to chew. Melissa even ate a bowl to evaluate her method and came up with a squish/chew conclusion. Gross. So this last Saturday I tried yet again to eat oatmeal, I tried adding things, I tried squishing, I tried everything I had been told, but still the gag reflex was stronger. I can't do it. I reported to my parents the sad fact that I would never be an oatmeal eater, and my mom started cracking up. She couldn't believe I was so upset about not liking it. I explained to her all of the benefits of oatmeal. It helps with cholesterol, it is low in fat, filling, may reduce the risk of heart disease, etc. And she told me that it was a lost cause, even as a baby when they would try to add oatmeal to my bottles, it would make me gag. So there you go, I guess it's just in my genes, I'm not destined to be an oatmeal eater.

Monday, May 19, 2008

family Prayer

You can learn a lot about a family by listening to their family prayers, this is usually where I learn of anyone in my family who is sick or afflicted. Since for some reason I'm usually the last one to find anything out... But who knew I could find out so much about myself. The other day during family prayer, my little sister was praying and as is tradition in my family, she was going through the whole family and asking for blessings for each member, she started with Jessica, that she would choose good friends, and do well in school, then to herself, asking for help with school, and graduation. Next came Aaron, he got all of the usual missionary requests, then she asked for help for Tyrel, to learn his new job, and be safe in DC, and then came the truly informative part. When she came to me, she asked that I would, and I quote, "not chase the boys away". Hmmm didn't know I had that affect on the opposite sex.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

what filter?

So I don't know if it's just because I haven't been feeling great lately, or if my whole outlook on life has changed, but I have realized lately that I have no filter. I say exactly what is on my mind regardless of if it is politically correct or socially acceptable. I have ceased caring. Today I said something somewhat inappropriate during Relief Society, and Melissa said to me, that 's exactly what I was thinking. So now I guess I'm that person that says what everyone else is thinking, only that everyone else has the decency to keep those thoughts to themselves. I'm that person?! When did this happen?

Friday, May 16, 2008

here it goes...

I think I might be the last one on the planet to start a blog, but, I guess it's my time. Mostly my life revolves around my family, friends and my job... So a little about those three. My family is hilarious! And a little bit out of control at times. I have two little brothers, who are true partners in crime. As of right now they are separated, because Aaron is serving a mission in Portugal, so Tyrel is always looking for a good wing man, in case anyone is interested! And then I have two beautiful little sisters. And I know, I'm prejudice, but they really are gorgeous. Kami is heading away to college in a few months up to cedar city, and I'm pretty sure Jessica is going to go into withdrawals. Plus she will be the last child left at home, and while she loves attention, I think she might get sick of my parents having so much attention to give! And on to them. My dad is amazing. He is a perfect mixture of Michael Scott with his random outbursts and sweet dance skills, and the cool humor and practical jokes of Jim Halpert. My mom is my inspiration. She gets cooler the older she gets, or maybe I just appreciate her more the older I get.
My friends are the best. I'm not one who has really close friends easily. Growing up I always had a lot of acquaintance/friends, and maybe one really good friend. Right now I find my life filling with some truly amazing women. I have to give a shout out to my roomie Becky, who I absolutely love living with, my cousin Melissa, that keeps my life entertaining, and my oldest, or longest term friend Lindsay Jacobson, without whom I really don't know what I would do! Also to all of the ladies who are part of an amazing "book club" that I will possibly explain someday. And although the Conrad Chronicles has ended, I'm sure we will find a new series to keep us entertained! We might have to start reading actual books!
And last but not least my awesome job! I am a cosmetologist if you want the official title. I work at a fun salon called limelight, and have the best clients on earth! I am a Redken color specialist, but will do anything when it comes to hair. I love weddings with their makeup and updos, and will probably post quite a few of them here. The best part of my job is making people feel good about themselves. I am also a student of interior design, but have decided that design is more of a hobby, while hair is my passion. I seriously love my job. I like everyone else have days where I don't want to work, but I never have days that I don't want to do my job, if that makes any sense at all...
So there you go... me in a nutshell.