Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Last night Tif and I went to see Reel Big Fish. It was a total flashback from high school. People were skanking and the band looked exactly the same as the last time I saw them. Pretty sure they were even wearing the same outfits, only weird thing was, they looked about ten years older. But I'm sure that's wrong. Right? Also it was kind of strange that our group was the only five people wearing wrist bands in the entire House of Blues (read the only people over 21). I'm not sure how all of these under aged kids found out about them. I didn't even know Ska music was still popular. But I'm sure the Mandalay Bay was disappointed that the only people old enough to buy alcohol in the venue were Mormon, and keeping the word of wisdom. Sorry economy, we'll try to help out in other ways... maybe by buying their new album that comes out on the 20th. (I know I was shocked too)


-ALLRED- said...

reel big fish is still making music? thats crazy! that IS total flashback. I cant believe that there was young young people there who knew who they were and knew what skanking was! how flippin' funny!

The Black Widow said...

We could have purchased the CD THAT NIGHT!!! What were we thinking, waiting like that? RBF = amazing.