Monday, September 28, 2009

Just Call Me Cha Cha

When I was a Junior in High school my English teacher, Mr. Meyers, assigned us a research paper, as any good English teacher would. Somehow I missed the memo that all 5 of his classes had decided not to complete the research paper. I don't remember what it was exactly that I researched, but I do remember that when I was the only person out of our 41 person class that turned in said paper, Mr. Meyers pushed the cart holding the projector machine so hard that when it hit the desks across the room it flew into the air and broke through the thin wall into an un-expecting History class next door... But that's a completely different story. What I'm blogging about today is my love for research. (Possibly spurred by that first research paper?)

I have a habit of researching ridiculously random topics. (Which habit has been dramatically fueled by the iPhone). A few topics that have been researched include
-midget babies
-ovarian transplants (only possible in identical twins)
-why Victorville, CA exists
-the effects of testosterone on a woman (SCARY!!!)
-the calorie count of the nachos at Baja Fresh
-the themed hotel at Bonnie Springs
-the story of how the Killers became a band and the height of each member of the band
-the starting year of the Cartoon Network

After sharing very important facts regarding the above topic with my friends, they started texting me with their own quandaries. Following are just a couple of actual texts received from my friends:

-"We are at a mets game and the crowd boos everytime an Atlanta Braves player named Chipper Jones comes to bat. Why?" -Tifani
-"How tall is Julia Childs?"- Christy
-"Is Helen Keller dead?"-Jacque

All of these questions were met with speedy, accurate answers, earning me the nickname of Cha Cha. Because like Tifani said, "I'd rather text you, the answers come faster, and they are funnier... "
So ha, take that cha cha, I win!!!