Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Remember how in my last post (in MAY, eek!) I said I had booked a trip to New York? Well about 10 days ago I left on that trip, and had an absolute blast, as well as took my Redken Certified Colorist test. Which was hard, and fun, and stressful, and I don't get the results for 6 more weeks (ugh). Well that's not what I'm writing about. Even though I just might need to write another post about how AMAZING Mary Poppins was... What I'm sharing, is the very exciting thing that happened when I got home!

For quite some time now I have been dating a very handsome boy name Brandon Barlow. And that handsome boy who I had fallen very much in love with text me while I was in New York and said "he would love to pick me up from the airport". So I told my parents not to worry, that B was taking care of me. (he's cute, right? Ignore my face in this one. I had just flown across the country)

Secretly I was hoping that he would be waiting for me in baggage claim with a lot of flowers and a very sparkly little something. Sadly when I arrived in baggage claim, Brandon was nowhere to be found and I was left to lug my very heavy bag out to the curb where he said he would be waiting.

I got to the curb and he was not there waiting...

I waited, and about 10 minutes later B pulled up, wearing basketball shorts and an inside out t-shirt loads me up in the car and we drive away. At that point I realized I had been being silly thinking that,that night was the night, because after all it was almost midnight and he was wearing basket ball shorts. We started driving and Brandon headed East on the I2-15 though I live West. I started complaining, that I had been flying for about 9 hours, it was late, I had been up since 5am, and just wanted to go home,shower and go to bed. Brandon informed me that we hadn't seen each other for 5 days, he wanted some quality time, and I had no choice since he was driving. So, off to his house we went.
We got to his house and B told me I had to see the progress he had made in moving stuff out of his room, so I drug myself upstairs, and opened his door, and found this:

I got a little choked up and started doing my nervous laugh, and Brandon knelt down. Brushed the floor covered in chocolate kisses, and said Melinda, i kiss the ground you walk on (he's super cheesy, don't let his outer demeanor fool you, he's a total softy). We had a little chuckle over that then he told me some nice things, that he loved me and wanted to marry me, and asked me if I would...
And how could I resist a guy who would propose with carved pumpkins (did you notice the ring box inside the heart pumpkin?). So... I said YES!!!

And now we plan on living happily ever after.


Alexis said...

Yay!!! It's so fun to hear the whole story. Congrats!

janie said...

Ahhhhh. So cute!! I'm happy for you!! You are so cute!! For sure we will write down the date!!