Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bald is beautiful!

I'm just going to come out and say it, I love bald men. I think bald heads are sexy. My last boyfriend was (well still is) bald, as well as my last two crushes before him. He was the first bald guy I actually dated, instead of just admiring from afar, and I have to say I'm hooked! I've been thinking about just why I'm into bald heads, and I've developed a quick list of reasons!

1. I am a hair stylist, and I don't want to deal with anymore hair when I get home. It's bad enough that I have to do my own hair everyday!

2. Bald men don't have hair to hide behind, which means to be bald they need to have a nicely shaped head, as well as strong features to look good. A good looking bald man always has a good face

3. They are more confident. I mean it's kind of a stressful thing for a guy to lose his hair, so the ones that just embrace it and shave what is on their head show they are confident enough to just go with it.

4. It's like seeing a girl without her makeup. You know if you stay with a guy long enough they are more than likely going to lose the hair eventually. By choosing one that is already bald, it eliminates the element of surprise, you already know they look good, no surprise bumps or divots!

5. Last but not least. Liking bald men doesn't really eliminate anyone. If I only liked men with a thick head of hair, I would be eliminated all of the hot bald guys, but anyone can be bald! All you need is a razor!!

So here's to male pattern baldness, forget Rogaine, stop thinking about hair club for men. You look good just the way you are!


Aaron and Chels Allred said...

This cracked me up!! I don't have a thing for baldies, but i DO think guys with grey or even WHITE hair are SEXXYY!!can i say kyle hansen? hahahaha... good argument though..i agree, dealing with hair when you get home is a drag.

The Black Widow said...

Perhaps I need to embrace this. Maybe bald is beautiful...

cropstar said...

200% with you on this one.