Monday, May 19, 2008

family Prayer

You can learn a lot about a family by listening to their family prayers, this is usually where I learn of anyone in my family who is sick or afflicted. Since for some reason I'm usually the last one to find anything out... But who knew I could find out so much about myself. The other day during family prayer, my little sister was praying and as is tradition in my family, she was going through the whole family and asking for blessings for each member, she started with Jessica, that she would choose good friends, and do well in school, then to herself, asking for help with school, and graduation. Next came Aaron, he got all of the usual missionary requests, then she asked for help for Tyrel, to learn his new job, and be safe in DC, and then came the truly informative part. When she came to me, she asked that I would, and I quote, "not chase the boys away". Hmmm didn't know I had that affect on the opposite sex.


The Brandleys said...

That cracks me up!! I had no Idea you even had a blog but I guess it's fairly recent. It'll be nice to keep up with what you're up to considering we are also the last to find out about things too!

Alexis said...

This is hilarious, by the way.